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You will have a greater chance at someone being familiar with the laws of your area. The spam filter occasionally eats good posts. Message the mods with a link to your more info if you would like for us to save it and we might. Paid housing security deposit through paypal. I did note security deposit through paypal the payment was for security and first months rent.

Am I supposed to still receive one? AlsoIs there any other common legalities I should be aware of? You can still ask for a receipt, but I doubt the LL has an obligation to provide one now or ever, really. You need to document your payments, you should seek to make payments in a documentable way. Checks would be best for this. Yeah, but you were asking about "common legalities" and I took that as "how can I read more I get my deposit back?

Paypal maintains records for a very long time, and so long as you can prove your landlord is the recipient of that paypal account, I think a judge would likely accept that as proof of payment. Security deposit through paypal this does not apply to your question, please disregard.

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Paypal Used for Rental Security Deposit - PayPal Community Security deposit through paypal

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Home Help Search Login Register. Has anyone ever accepted rent or a security deposit by paypal? What if it gets lost? They please click for source to pay the fee on the paypal, and their credit checks out great, and their employment references were very good. He works for the local University. Their landlord was a big corporate building security deposit through paypal I just got the basic yes they rented here response.

We were stationed in RI and moving to CA and were renting the security deposit through paypal pretty much sight-unseen. We had friends already stationed in CA go check it out and give us the thumbs up that it was good. With good credit, and employment etc checking out I would have no problem accepting it as it was a security deposit through paypal easy process sending it. Have them send it certified mail, but it will take longer.

Thanks, yes it is a cross country move. Sounds like PayPal is the easiest, but if anyone else has any suggestions please chime in. I guess my concern would be online ohne casinos download they reversed the charge later an issue with any transfer. Then I would have tenants in a unit with no recourse. But again, I have met him personally, verified employment and references, and their credit is excellent.

Is there is a fee for sending money from a bank account with Paypal? Miss Piggy Pencil Stache Posts: Thank you everyone for the feedback! It seemed super sketchy to me at first, but it seems to have worked fine! Also, keep in mind a transfer takes days so I am still waiting for it to hit my bank account though it is in my paypal account.

Your feedback was very helpful, and I am really excited about my new tenants as they seem great!

PayPal Accounts : How to Increase the Payment Limit of a PayPal Account

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